Dan Haycock

...is an artist, writer and actor based in East London.


Dan's artwork has been exhibited alongside such luminaries of the contemporary art world as Gary Hume, Jenny Holzer, Eddie Peake and Hurvin Anderson... Once. Check out the exhibition catalogue, it happened.

You can view some of Dan's artwork here, or on his instagram here.

All his other work is currently on display in his grandma's loft. Under some old sheets, next to some Christmas tree decorations. Please contact her for viewings.


Dan's first ever book, Being and Perceiving, is now selling on Amazon for $2000. So you really should have supported him a decade ago, you'd have bagged yourself a nice little investment.

More recently, Dan's had writing included in the script for the Radio 4 show Newsjack.

He also edited and contributed pieces to Archipelago, a poetry anthology, and wrote the script for "The Man with 268 Bodies", published in Futurequake #24. Yeah, Futurequake. You've all heard of that.


Dan plays the character "Rupert 'Moonstar' Frimpington-Smythe" in the web series British Rationals. Which means he's got his own motherfucking IMDB page, like a real actor. Check that out!

You can follow us on Facebook here, if you want to support us. Then we can get on TV. Then we can get paid.
Dan also used to make electronic music, but he stopped because nobody ever listened to it. Some stuff's on Spotify under the name A Million Chameleons, if you wanted to listen to it. You won't though, will you?

Dan has a thousand other unpublished, undocumented creative projects swirling around in the air at any one time, but he's not telling you about them. Clear off, you've had your lot.

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